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5.5. Year, Month, Week, Day, Date, Time

5.5.1. Year

A few years later

5.5.2. Month

January 1月

February 2月

March 3月

April 4月

May 5月

June 6月

July 7月

August 8月

September 9月

October 10月

November 11月

December 12月

5.5.3. Week

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

5.5.4. Day

daybreak; the small (or wee) hours; before dawn


a.m., forenoon

noon; midday; noonday

afternoon; pm; P.M.; p.m.


in the evening; at night


5.5.5. Date

What's tomorrow's date? 明天是幾號?

Tomorrow is November 25.

5.5.6. Time

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